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Malaysia's on the move (by Chrysler, Mack), Ward's Auto World, Sep 1, 1996

KUALA LUMPUR -- "National" vehicles are multiplying like rabbits these days in Malaysia. And none are VWs......Tastes are now broadening, the market is segmenting and two government brands no longer satisfy motorists. Last spring, two more were launched, one of them the 1.1L Proton Tiara, based on the Citroen AX.....

Perusahaan Otomobil National (Proton) Comes of Age (1996)

Proton was Malaysia's first national carmaker.  Formerly a joint venture of the Malaysian government and Mitsubishi of Japan, the company launched its latest sedan, Tiara in April 1996 under markedly different circumstances.  For one, Proton had been taken over by a private citizen, Yahaya Ahmad when November 1995, he bought the bulk of government's controlling share of Hicom Holdings which owned 27.4 percent of Proton.  Also, Tiara was the first Proton car made without Mitsubishi's help....


The Proton Tiara from USPD Team

Proton takes another stab at slice of compact car segment (by ZURAIMI ABDULLAH), New Straits Times, July 24th, 2002

Proton first ventured into the small car market with the Citroen-based Tiara, but it has since been phased out......The Tiara suffered from the perception that its technology is outdated while the .....

Friday, June 23, 2000  (by Chips)

Sometime this month, local assembly of Citroen models at the AMM plant near Pekan, Pahang, will come to an end .........Besides the Citroen models, AMM has also been assembling the Citroen AX-based Proton Tiara (production ended late last year) ......

the Proton Casting Plant

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